Pre grant funded services
Needs assessment:

We provide the data collection tools that indentify service gaps throughout your organization. Based on the findings of this assessment we can assist you seek grants that fill the service gaps.

Program development assistance:

As grant writers our job is to make you look your best to potential funders, and we do this by helping you to develop better services, more services, and more comprehensive programs, in other words closing the gaps

Funding searches:

We identify the funding sources for grant proposals. We can provide you with quality potential funders in your area in minimum time for your programs and projects.
After grant funded services
Grant management:

Most of the time nonprofit organizations feel overwhelmed with the amount of reporting the grantor requires. It is always best to have all your paperwork and tools in place to have everything under control.

Monitoring and evaluation services:

Once the grant award has been made, your organization will need to develop program evaluation tools. It is always best to have the grant writer assist you with this task.

Grant Management Services