Proposal writing services

Letter of inquiry preparation:

We prepare the single most important contact to potential funders “letter of request”. Keep in mind this is how potential funders will see you and your organization, first impressions are key important when inquiring grant funds.

Letter of request preparation:

We prepare the letter of request when potential funders request more information from your organization and the programs it runs. Keep in mind this letter of request needs to be present your information in the best way to your potential funders.

Formal proposal preparation:

We prepare the formal proposal for you to submit your organization programs to potential funders. We will make sure this formal proposal shows potential funders your organization and the programs it run work. Keep in mind that it is best to let the experts trumpet your efforts, as the reviews from newspapers do.

Application forms preparation:

We prepare application forms for you to submit to potential funders. However we know in the real world how asking for the right amount and when can be never wrecking, tricky and let’s not forget about the anxiety that goes along the process. Let the experts to help you.

Fund rising planning and preparation:

We plan and prepare fund raising events that best suits your organizations needs. Let the experts and master planners help your organization to put together the right event that your programs need, avoid embarrassing and costly planning errors or production events. Throughout the years we had helped multiple nonprofit organizations plan and produce different type and size of fund raising events.
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