Proposed project package preparation services

Overview of proposed program paragraphs preparation:

We help you to describe the basic components and attributes and what details your capacity for completing your proposed programs.

Need statement preparation:

We prepare the need stamen that explains the nature of the problem your organization proposed program wants to solve

Measurable objectives preparation:

We identify the major milestones and checkpoints your proposed programs want to accomplish.

Timeline development:

We identify the proper time frame your proposed programs need to be completed. Sequence of tasks and activities needed to achieve the objectives.

Evaluation plan preparation:

We prepare the evaluation methods and tools for the proposed programs and measurable objectives

Letters of support and collaboration preparation & planning:

We find partner organizations with potential commitment to your projects through in-kind donations, funds, or stuff. These partners show potential funders their commitment with well written letters.

Project budget and request preparation:

We help you prepare the budget for your proposed programs, including estimated expenses and project needs. We help you determine the proper amount to ask to a potential funder.
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