Nonprofit organization and Nonprofit optimization services

History and Background:
When was your organizations created? Why did you decided to start it? What is it all about? This will give your potential funders all the information about the history and background.

Mission statement creation:
What is the major force that drives your organization? The mission statement is the single most important idea that moves your organization, and the individuals that work within. It must key for good match potential funders.

Measurable goals development:
How do you know your organization is making a difference in your community? It is simple, by comparing before and after your program efforts. In order to be appealing to potential funders, workers and volunteers your goals have to be easily measurable. This along will inspire more people to get involved in your cause.

Major accomplishments planning:
How your potential funders would able to see your organization (and the programs it runs) is making a difference? This can be planned and develop in time

Board of directors planning:
How do you choose the right individuals? What would they do? How do you record the meetings and the decisions made? We will help you to answer these questions specifically for each individual situation.

Contributors list planning:
Often time’s potential funders want to see who have contributed to your organization? Which projects have they supported? What amounts have they gave you? In order to decide to contribute to your organization these questions have to be answer in the proper manner

501 (c) (3) applications:
How potential funders know you are a legit nonprofit organization? Did you know it could take up to 6 months (or more) to get IRS approval? This application has to be prepared properly to avoid any delays in the operation of your organization. Also the state and the city have to know about the type of organization you are running in order to avoid tax assessments and penalties.

IRS 990 tax forms – Filing taxes:
Did you know different organization entities file taxes differently? Also, did you know nonprofits file taxes differently based on multiple factors? Do not get in trouble and let us help you with filing your nonprofit organization taxes.

Press releases and printed material planning:
This material helps your community, workers; volunteers have a great idea at firsthand how your organization makes the difference. This material also has to be present when you want to reach out potential funders

Projected income and expense budget planning:
Your target community members and potential funders need to see how you are planning on spend the money. They also want to know the state of your organizations health.

Audited financial statements gathering:
This lets potential funders see an objective accounting of your finances, free from projections or estimations. This service has to be provided by a CPA.

Future funding paragraphs and list planning:
Sometimes your programs won’t be funded by a single grantor. Potential funders want to know, where do you plan to secure future funding? What is already funded?

Staff and leadership bios preparation:
As important as finding the right staff and leaders for your organization, it is as important to introduce them to your community it serves and potential funders.
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